Easy hea lthy vegan

Within 8 weeks I will help you successfully switch to a healthy vegan diet without you having to feel like you are missing out on anything!

How I can help you

Delicious food without complicated, time-consuming recipes

Step-by-step approach for successful implementation

meals & ideas,
for when things should go quickly

How to get
all the
essential nutrients

Solutions for everyday situations - 
Family, friends, restaurant

You may know that

  • You want to eat a healthy and vegan diet, but you don't even know how and where to start?
  • Or, are you already (mostly) vegan, but you have doubts whether you are doing all of this "right"?
  • You may wonder how you should get all the important nutrients and where you should get your proteins, iron etc. from? And you don't even know what to look out for?
  • Your everyday life is stressful enough as it is - you don't want to spend hours in the kitchen!
  • You think: can I even do it? What can I still eat? And what do I do at family gatherings or social occasions?
  • You want to finally feel good in your body again, be healthier, more active and fitter in the long term and still be able to enjoy delicious food?

You belong here if

Your health is a top priority and you are motivated to be the best version of yourself

You love eating and are not up for tasteless vegetables and salads

You want to feel healthier, fitter and more active, without feeling sluggish after eating

You are open to trying new things and want a simple step-by-step approach

You've heard so many good things about veganism and are ready to start your vegan journey

You finally want to conquer the jungle of vegan nutrition myths and facts

Why Vegan?

Hea lth

Good Nutrient Supply
Precaution of Illness


Avoidance of Animal Suffering
& Animal Killing
Compassion for Living Beings


Environmental Protection
World Hunger

If you recognize yourself in that, then click on the button below.

I am looking forward to helping you reach your goals in our personal coaching soon!

Nice to meet you, I'm Laura

and I am convinced that a balanced vegan diet creates the best foundation for a long and healthy life.

As a vegan nutritionist, I will accompany you on your way to a healthy vegan lifestyle. Impressed by how easy a vegan diet can be, I stand for scientifically based, but understandable knowledge, naturalness instead of perfection, delicious food without sacrifice and clarity in the vegan nutrition jungle.

For us, the animals and the planet.